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Costa Rica – A Pura Vida Way of Life

Pura vida Mae, as the people would say in Costa Rica.  There’s no better way to describe a way of living than “Pura Vida.” It encompasses the “no worries”, “all good”, “this too shall pass”, and beyond.  I went to Costa Rica with an agenda and stressed because I want to do more than I was able to on a daily basis, but then a wise person said, “Lorena, sit down in a hammock, lay back, relax, and Pura Vida.”  That’s when I realized that not only I should be doing this on every vacation, but that I should be doing it on a daily basis.  Don’t sweat the things that are beyond my control, work to earn a decent living,   be kind whenever possible, and is trust me is always possible.

I started my vacation in Playa Grande Guanacaste.  We stayed at Palm Beach Estates at the wonderful Casa Cameleon: (Check it out) Murat was the property manager and he couldn’t be more hospitable.   From there, we took a boat to Tamarindo and met with the local surf school crew, and the hooked it with surfboards and amazing Guaro.  (Guaro: sugar cane rum, must try)

After a couple of days we ventured out to Playa Santa Teresa.  WOW.  Best waves, people, and scene.  We were greeted by Dave, owner of The Greenrooms:  Great host and chef.  He showed us around town, gave us decent pricing on room rentals,  and treated us like family.  Great guy, if you go to Santa Teresa, please at least stay a night there.  Don’t forget to say hi to Eva and Tiffany.   Make sure you visit the best beachfront bar in town, Banana Beach, (Where dreams come true) visit Tiffany, best bartender in town.  She has a loose pour.

Lastly, a couple of days before we left we visited the Playa Grande elementary school.   I talked to the director of the school, and she told me the children needed school supplies, toys, and games.  Since the school is low on funds there isn’t budget for teachers and the director is also the children’s teacher. It is very sad.  But trust me this lady does miracles, and the children are very happy to be there.  What also surprised me about the school is the it was gated and locked in chains.  I asked why was that the case and she told me children were getting kidnapped and killed.  I asked more questions about it and I was horrified.

People in Costa Rica are one of the nicest and most humble people I have met.   People that come to visit and stay in Costa Rica acquire the same cultural attributes, they are happy and stress free.   Costa Rica is on my top favorite places to go to visit as of right now.  Will definitely visit again soon.  Especially go back to Playa Grande School and bring more supplies to the children.

If you are interested in donating or become part of part of this good cause and helping children around the world, please email me at:  I am trying to connect the dots to generate more funds and help more children.  PURA VIDA!


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A Hawaiian Getaway

A couple of weeks  ago, I had the opportunity to go to Oahu,  Hawaii.  Surfing Waikiki has been in my bucket list ever since I was kid.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to visit this pristine island, and be welcomed  and catered by the amazing locals.  Every second spent in Oahu felt like a dream, I asked to be pinched a couple of times to realize it was real.  Check out the what to do in Oahu list below:

  1. Waikiki Beach – if you want to get submersed in the touristy, cultural flow of the island, you have to at least visit downtown Waikiki once.  If you want to surf long easy waves Waikiki Beach is where is at.  Clear blue waters and soft waves.  Keep in mind is extremely crowded, so be courteous and cautious.  If you like shopping, you definitely need to go to Waikiki Beach,  Best shopping in the island, again super crowded and parking may be a challenge and expensive.  If you want the Luau experience please get the Diamond Head Luau package.  Amazing show and a complimentary tickets to the Waikiki Aquarium. 
  2. NorthShore – biggest waves in the island.  Very touristy, but less commercialized.  Visit Waimea Bay, Waimea Bay Falls, Pipeline, and don’t miss the Haleiwa Farmer’s Market every Thursdays.   If you want beachfront dinning visit Ola at Turtle Bay Resort.  Please don’t forget to stop at the Dole Plantation and get the best pineapple ice cream, obviously.
  3. Waihe’e Waterfalls- if you are feeling adventurous and want to get a good workout and chase waterfalls, please go to Hamama Falls.  Locals hiking track, please email me if interested in going:
  4. Lanakai Beach and Hanuama Bay – beast beaches in the island.  Great for snorkeling and diving.  You must visit them.
  5. Dining – Must go to Heavenly Cafe, (downtown Waikiki) and get the Acai french toast and dine at The Pig and the Lady, (downtown Honolulu) order the fried chicken.  In case you are wondering where to have lunch, go to any food trucks, they are cheap and delicious.  I was usually full from breakfast.

Hawaiian was a dream… Mahalo!