Lolo Cares Fundraiser Success

Lolo Cares Fundraiser on November 5th, exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  One of my biggest dreams and goals came true.  In  times of turmoil, giving back to those in need really makes a difference.  I want to really thank everyone that donated.  I was able to supply donations to all the 65 children of the orphanage, the volunteers that reside there, and the community around the orphanage.  Big shout out to my friends, Surfrider Newport Beach Chamber, and my amazing co-workers and friends at Viant Tech.

We had everything they needed and more.  The day started with us providing them with breakfast and then followed by a scavenger hunt.  These children literally broke a time record with all the items needed to win the scavenger.   It was fascinating how creative they children got and how stoked they were.

I’m going back again on December 30th, please let me know if you are interesting on going of have any donations to give.  Email me at:

Would love to hear from you.  God Bless! XoXo