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Lolo’s Food Drive: Rosarito, Mexico October 21st

Hola Amigos!!!

I’m holding a food drive in Ciudad de Refugio in Rosarito, Mexico on October 21, 2017.  I’ve been an active member/volunteer for their nonprofit organization Tijuana Christian Mission for 4 years.   Every time I visit the orphanage I meet with the supervisors to understand what are their current needs.  Recently, I learned that they are in need of healthy food such as meats and produce, which the government is unable to provide.  They usually get canned goods such as beans and tortillas.  However, these food staples are causing malnourishment to the children.   Getting meats and groceries is very challenging for them due to their location and funds.

They were very excited to hear my proposition of my food drive next month.   Having a month to prepare will give YOU and me the opportunity to help hit my goal of raising $500, and provide the necessary food items they are in need of.

Here’s how you can help:

    • Making a donation through PayPal- anything will be greatly appreciated
    • Any gift cards from Walmart-  I can go to the one closest to the orphanage which is 30 minutes away to make sure they are using the gift card appropriately.
    • If you are willing to buy steak or chicken and meet up with me the night before I leave you can do so.  I’m planning to take a large cooler with tons of ice to preserve the food items until I get to the orphanage.

Please make donations through the food drive PayPal’s account:

If interested in learning more about Tijuana Christian Mission nonprofit, please go to their website: