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Here I will post all my volunteer experience in orphanages, schools, and cancer associations, along with ways that you would be able to share the love.

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Lolo’s Food Drive: Rosarito, Mexico October 21st

Hola Amigos!!!

I’m holding a food drive in Ciudad de Refugio in Rosarito, Mexico on October 21, 2017.  I’ve been an active member/volunteer for their nonprofit organization Tijuana Christian Mission for 4 years.   Every time I visit the orphanage I meet with the supervisors to understand what are their current needs.  Recently, I learned that they are in need of healthy food such as meats and produce, which the government is unable to provide.  They usually get canned goods such as beans and tortillas.  However, these food staples are causing malnourishment to the children.   Getting meats and groceries is very challenging for them due to their location and funds.

They were very excited to hear my proposition of my food drive next month.   Having a month to prepare will give YOU and me the opportunity to help hit my goal of raising $500, and provide the necessary food items they are in need of.

Here’s how you can help:

    • Making a donation through PayPal- anything will be greatly appreciated
    • Any gift cards from Walmart-  I can go to the one closest to the orphanage which is 30 minutes away to make sure they are using the gift card appropriately.
    • If you are willing to buy steak or chicken and meet up with me the night before I leave you can do so.  I’m planning to take a large cooler with tons of ice to preserve the food items until I get to the orphanage.

Please make donations through the food drive PayPal’s account:

If interested in learning more about Tijuana Christian Mission nonprofit, please go to their website:


Lolo Cares – Volunteers needed to Teach English in Rosarito

Hi Friends!!! Happy Monday! Still looking for more volunteers interested in teaching English for Ciudad de Refugio Orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico. I know that in these difficult times a lot of people are interested in volunteering but it’s easier said than done. Therefore, I would encourage you to give this a try especially if you reside in Southern California. Rosarito is almost two hours away! That being said, is only 4 days so no excuses from April 20-23. I promise you these experience will be very fulfilling for you and the children.

Our goal is to teach basic English followed by activities each day from 7am-11am. See itinerary below:
• April 20, 2017
o Leave Orange County at 4am
o Cross the San Isidro Border no later than 6;15am
o Get to the orphanage at 7am
o English class 7-9am
o Activity incorporating learnings from 9-11am
o Rest of the day we will enjoy Baja Mexico
• April 21, 2017
o Arrive to the Orphanage at 7am
o English class from 7-9am
o Activity incorporating learnings from 9-11am
• April 22, 2017
o Arrive to the Orphanage at 7am
o English class from 7-9am
o Role play activity and balloon water fight incorporating the basic English colors (9-11am)
• April 23, 2017
o Arrive to Orphanage at 7am
o Grand Finale Egg Hunt from 7-9am

Please send me email if interested at I would love to hear from you. Remember that you can make a difference!


Lolo Cares

Lolo’s 2017 Initiatitive with Hogar Niñito Jesús – Puerto Rico

Happy 2017 Friends!

As the year unfolds, my mission is to get more involved in helping those in need particularly children.  One of my objectives is to partner with my home country, Puerto Rico, and provide aid to Fundación Hogar Ninito Jesús.  

Fundación Hogar Ninito Jesús is an organization that provides housing to children victims of abuse from ages  0-7 years old.   They offer these children the basic aids necessary for their healthy growth,  and provide a home environment where love, security, trust, good treatment and moral training. Every year,  they remodel the children’s bedroom to make sure they have everything they need and the feel just like home.  Check them out:

Currently,  they are in urgent need of the following:

  •  8 dresses for girls
  •  full set of bed sheets (preferably matching)

They are always in need of:

  • moisterizing lotions (Cetaphil)
  • baby cologne
  • baby diapers
  • hair nets for cooks in the kitchen
  • Desitin or buttpaste
  • girls underwear for ages 4-7
  • boys underwear for ages 4-7
  • laundry detergent
  • cleaning detergent
  • paper towel and toilet paper
  • plastic boxes for storage

If you are in Puerto Rico or United States and interested in donating for this amazing cause and these children please email me at: or contact Ana Ivette  at:

(787) 748-5682 (oficina)
(787) 748-5633 (oficina)
(787) 206-2322 (cellular)

Remember, It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. -Mother Theresa

Bless you all!

Lolo Cares Fundraiser Success

Lolo Cares Fundraiser on November 5th, exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  One of my biggest dreams and goals came true.  In  times of turmoil, giving back to those in need really makes a difference.  I want to really thank everyone that donated.  I was able to supply donations to all the 65 children of the orphanage, the volunteers that reside there, and the community around the orphanage.  Big shout out to my friends, Surfrider Newport Beach Chamber, and my amazing co-workers and friends at Viant Tech.

We had everything they needed and more.  The day started with us providing them with breakfast and then followed by a scavenger hunt.  These children literally broke a time record with all the items needed to win the scavenger.   It was fascinating how creative they children got and how stoked they were.

I’m going back again on December 30th, please let me know if you are interesting on going of have any donations to give.  Email me at:

Would love to hear from you.  God Bless! XoXo

Join me for- Thanksgiving Fundraiser and Games – Casa de Refugio – November 5, 2016

On November 5, I’m going to be hosting a Fundraiser at Hacienda Victoria, Casa de Refugio Orphanage in Rosarito Mexico.   Please join me while we spread the Thanksgiving love with the children in need in Rosarito, Mexico.

The itinerary will be as follows, we will get to the orphanage at 8am on November 5, and we will be hosting games from 8-12pm.  All ideas are welcome.

Here is how you can help:

  • Donating $50 for a kid, this will help the administration give them gifts for Christmas
  • Donating staple foods or lightly used clothing
  • Submit any game ideas suitable for children 4-15 years old

Please email if interested at

All contributions will be welcome.  Help me be the change for our children of the future.  God Bless!

Giving back in Panama

Going to Panama without an agenda, just to volunteer and give back, was one of the best experiences of my life.  I experienced everything I wanted and more.  The first day we went we met the coolest taxi driver that took us around Panama City, and got the opportunity to visit Hogar Divino Niño.  Hogar Divino Niño is an orphanage for children ages 0-3.  I’ve never been to a toddler orphanage before.  It was interesting to see to how devoted the ladies were to this infants.  Admission in the orphanage was quit interesting you have to wait to chat with the director and then you’ll get a tour of the premise.  However, if you have donations you can just go drop it off and the “nannies” will take care of them.  They are very in need of the following:

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby Food
  3. Powder mild
  4. Canned foods

That night we took an overnight bus to Almirante, and from Almirante we took a boat to Bocas town.  After arriving to Bocas Town aka Isla Colon, we took another boat to go to Bastimentos Island which was were we stayed.  Bastimentos island was very primitive, with a population of 1,954 people to be exact.   The locals were known as Ngöbe and Buglé, and they spoke their own language known as Guari-Guari, which is a combination of English, Spanish, and local indigenous languages.    I thought Bastimentos Island  was going to be more touristy, but I’m glad it wasn’t because this gave the opportunity to get very submerge with the culture and learn about Ngöbe and Buglé.   I felt like I was in an episode of Naked and Afraid but with clothes.  Little did I know I found out that they filmed of Naked and Afraid there.  There isn’t streets in Bastimentos just a long side walk and lots of jungle, and muddy trails.  The hike to Wizards Beach is quite the experience you have to go barefoot, yes in the mud and slime.    I fell twice, it was AWESOME!  I thought I was pretty adventurous until I went to that trail.   It was very sad to see the conditions people live in Bastimentos Island, they are relatively poor and the drug trade is pretty prevalent.  Young kids are hustling trying to sell you drugs 24/7.  Its pretty overwhelming but you have to shot them down strategically because otherwise they will get a tad bit aggressive.

We took an unbelievable tour with Total Adventures and we went to Cayo Zapatillas,  Dolphin Bay,  Hollywood Island, Cayo Coral, and Sloths Mangroves.  On the tour we met people from London, Spain, China, and Holland.  Being in a tour which such a diverse group was very  cultural enriching.   We definitely made really good friends abroad.

My favorite part of the trip was being able to volunteer with Give and Surf.  Give & Surf aims to provide substantive, hands-on, real world assistance and programs to a hundred and thirty children ages three to sixteen. Give & Surf has constructed and developed two schools in Bahia Honda and Bahia Roja that provide the following: a daily preschool and kindergarten, summer school, surf outreach mentorship program, after school program, Adult and Elementary School english programs, music program, and community involvement initiatives.  Please read more about their non-profit:

Volunteering with Give and Surf was incredible.  Drew, Volunteer Director, will pick you up at 8am at the Bastimentos Island port, and will take you to Bahia Honda school.  Upon arrival we will sing songs with the kids, do activities, and read to them.  My  favorite part of volunteering was teaching the kids how to swim.  They were so stoked on life it was incredible.  I will recommend volunteering abroad to everyone.  Its life changing.  You get to interact with the local community, help them out, and be part of they day-to-day life.

Stay tuned to my next adventure.  Email me if you want to be a part of my adventures and volunteering trips.




Lolo Doing Things

Casa de Refugio: Rosarito

Lately, I’ve been more involved than ever in giving myself to volunteer work especially in orphanages.   My mind has been consumed with the idea a pursuing the “pleasurable utopic life.”  This idea of  “pleasurablenes” comes from places of emptiness, that are fleeing and shallow.   I found myself in this constant search of pleasure and satisfaction that left me empty and sad, more than I was happy.  Then, as tacky as it sounds, “I had an epiphany,” and I asked myself, “What makes you happy?” What gives Lorena meaning and desire to do more in life that makes a difference, and has a purpose.  That for me is sustainable happiness.

For months, I would be very happy and then very sad at times, but I would never show that I was sad to people, because I don’t want to bring people down and cause sadness.  And then, I was AHA! Lorena, likes making people happy, especially children.   Orphan children are often times abused,  trafficked, and in poverty.

I’ve started going to Casa de Refugio in Rosarito, Mexico almost for three years.  I visited them every three months, and now I go every other week.  When I started going more often,  I realized that I was impacting these children lives for the better.   Just thinking about them and the idea of helping them out just brings me instant happiness.  Happiness that I can sustain, and I would go back to in a matter of seconds.

There are 62 children in the orphanage.  Ages range from 3-16 years old.  They are the sweetest and well-mannered children I’ve ever interacted with.  Every time I visit, I bring different activities such as bowling, scavenger hunts, coloring books, painting, and soccer matches.  I have the time of my life with them.  My mind is there and present in the moment.   I don’t care about anything else that’s happening.  Living in the present and feeling that present happiness is worth living for.  Not living in the past nor the future.  (Obviously, prepare for the future, you know what I mean )

Right now, they are in need of a metal staircase to replace a falling wooden staircase (that’s falling) to pass a “safety” license in Mexico.  I talked the administration lady today and she said they quoted her $8,000 dollars, not pesos.  That broke my heart because they don’t have that money, and no one is willing to help out in a pro-bono basis.  Honestly, if I could build a 30+ steps metal staircase I would do it.  I’m going back to the orphanage next week, please let me know if you want to help or donate.  See how can you help below:

How can you help?

  • They are in constant need for food.  There is 62 mouths to feed along with the volunteers that host the orphanage.  They love pasta, lasagna, and doughnuts.  Best food items to donate are: pasta, sauce, tortilla, beans, any canned food items.
  • Toiletries such as diapers, tampons, and wipes.
  • Shoes: they need black shoes to go to school

And last for not least, if you know how to build a metal staircase or know someone that knows how to do please contact me at:

If you are interested in volunteering with me feel free to contact me too.  The more the merrier.  You will have fun, I promise.

For more information, please contact their website at:

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Lolo Doing Things

This year I had the opportunity to go to several orphanages and public schools in Latin America.  It was a mind blowing experience to see the conditions these children are living in, and how happy and grateful they are.  They didn’t care about the material stuff you brought, I mean yes they needed food and they appreciate that, but all they cared about was your presence.  The “visitor’s” presence.   When you think about basic human needs, the first thing that comes to mind is that underprivileged children would rather have their physiological needs met before anything else.  I guess that statement is wrong. These children prefer to have their social needs met than anything else.  The first thing they ask you when they see you is how long are you staying? I used to say I’m only staying a couple of days or so, and they will keep asking why I had to leave, why I can’t stay with them forever?  Now when I go, I just deviate the question asking them if they want to play a game or something along those lines.  Children around 4-6 years old just want to play and run around.  On the other hand, I got the opportunity to interact with girls ages 8-14, and all they needed was my advice and someone to talk to.  Essentially, children need someone they can trust.  Honestly, if I could I would devote my life to help those in need, but at this point in my life I can’t do it.  I don’t have the financial stability to be able to take off, travel the world, and provide for those in need.

Every time I come back home I tend to compare the under privileged children with the children around the community I live, and is just shocking.  All these kids only care about their self-image, what people think, social acceptance, and good old WIFI.   Children these days have a false sense of community and don’t get to live a normal childhood.   I wish children just grow out of this phase and get involved with things and activities that are substantial for their well-being, and emotional growth.

I’ve been through thick and thin in life.  From beating cancer, to loosing myself, the only thing that’s kept me going is the satisfaction I get from helping other people, especially children in need.  My goal in life is to create my own Non-Profit Organization that helps children around the world and cancer patients.  For that, I need an audience, people who are willing to be selfless and give, people that our willing to be game changers, and make a difference.  I don’t know how I am going to do this, but I am a go getter, and nothing will stop me.  STAY TUNED.

Interested in volunteering or donating? See below:

  • Ciudad de Refugio in Rosarito, Mexico- they are in need of comfort food mainly, but anything else if welcomed. They love toys, of course.  🙂
  • Escuela de Playa Grande, Guanacaste, Costa Rica- they are in need of ink for printers, books, and paper.
  • The Young and Brave Foundation: they need volunteers, email:
  • Orangewood Foundation: Southern California organization, email:
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Ciudad del Refugio Orphanage

A month ago, my friends and my boyfriend visited Ciudad del Refugio Orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico.  

Mind-blowing mental and physical experience.  We brought the kids food and pastries and they were so happy and content with 1/4 of a pastry.  The staff was very welcoming and grateful, but the kids were so STOKED, especially the younger ones.  The older ones were a bit bitter because they see people coming and going without attachment.  Now, the younger 3-7 years old children were full of illusion and hope.  We went to the playground and played soccer with them.  They were so competitive and athletic! At the end of the game we were exhausted.

Visiting this orphanage not only gave me sense of community, but opened my eyes to see others in need and how fortunate we are.  Sometimes we loose a sense of reality when we let our minds go on ego-trips of wanting, competing, envy, lust, among all the other ego-centric needs.  In reality we are all one in this life to help and be kind to one another, cause in life’s madness, all the money in the world can’t buy happiness.   Might as well share you wealth with others and life in harmony.

Whenever, one is consumed in pity and sadness just think to one-self how can you improve yourself by improving others.  Trust me it works and helps you connect with others.  #Bethechange #Youarecapable

Please let me know if you want to make donations for this orphanage. Email me at: