Isolation in the Jungle

Learning how to live in the California jungle

Dear Southern California,

You are incredible. But why was it so hard to adapt to your culture when you have everything I need? Beaches, good waves, mountains, snow, deserts, HOLLYWOOD, diverse people, and delicious tacos?  How would an Island girl, moving from Puerto Rico make it happen in your overcrowded jungle?  For me, this move was an emotional turmoil but I defeated by going through the following stages and transitional thoughts:

1. Fear

I wasn’t prepared for what I was getting into.  Sudden decision.  Pack 2 suitcases, found a roommate and move to Long Beach. Slept 2 days in a row after I moved.

2. Anger

Why did move by myself? I didn’t know anybody.

3. Rejection

Girl, you are weird!  Hi where’s that accent from? Figured out how people interacted in different settings: school, work, groceries, and the like.

4. Inner focus

If you think I am weird I am going to focus and get weirder.  Decided to join the gym combined different workouts including yoga, pilates, surfing, and skating.  Went out to dinner by myself and enjoyed diverse cuisines.  “Are you eating by yourself?” … Yes I was born by myself.

5. Sympathy

I got involved in nonprofit organizations. Help those in need and volunteer for a good cause.  Trust me making children happy is extremely gratifying.

6. Adaption

Felt in control of my habitat and started LOVING my new journey.

7. Cali girl with a Puerto Rican heart

Transformed into a better person.  Learned more about myself. Recognized my limits. Set goals.  Reflected on who I was and realized that I wasn’t proud of who I was.  I let my past go and moved on with my journey.

Tips: You are your center. The mind is very powerful and deceiving.  Experience life wisely and plentiful. Don’t let anyone tell you no. There’s always a way to do things or a solution to your problem.  And remember to live in the moment because, “This too shall pass.”


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