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Is that time of the year Coachella Season! Oh I remember those days when Coachella was only one weekend and the wristbands were plastic. Happy Days! In 2010, there wasn’t a celebrity VIP, and I remember seeing Kate Bosworth walking in front of me and thinking: “Damn she is skinnier in person and her skin is orange.” Back then people didn’t care as much about their attire or how they looked like. People were ready to rage, DO IT ALL, BODY PAINT? YES! Now, not only Coachella has two weeks, California’s Spring has become a festival season. Every single store has a “Festival Section,” every chick including myself are going to look the same.  I better create my own outfit or become part of the shepherd.

Aside all my pessimism, I still enjoy Coachella a ton and I since I’ve been more than 3 times I’ve become “The Basic Bitch or Bro of Coachella,” not ashamed. I care more than ever how I look than the music. Quite the transformation I must say.  I have been dieting for the past two weeks and doing bikram yoga twice a day. However today, I am starting my 2-day cleanse before this weekend. See the 2-day agenda below:


Blend 1 cup of skim (or soy, almond, rice, hemp) milk

1 cup of berries

1 tsp of peanut butter

1 cup of ice until frothy


1 cup of sliced cucumbers

1 cup of green tea


Steamed or raw greens (romaine, spinach, mesclum mix, bok choy, arugula, watercress, frisee, endive, etc.)

4 oz of lean protein (white meat chicken, firm tofu, lean beef, fish)

2 tsp oil (olive, sunflower, walnut)


10 asparagus spears, blanched

1 cup of green tea


Steamed or raw greens

4 oz lean proteins

2 tsp oil

Let’s see how this cleanse goes. I am sure that I will come back with 10 extra pounds that what I left with. Truth be told is that I am a curvy Puerto Rican my weight goes up and down faster than a see-saw.

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Find out more bonus tricks for the 2-day cleanse in: http://positivemed.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/naked.jpg

Cheers! Happy Coachella!