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Lolo’s 2017 Initiatitive with Hogar Niñito Jesús – Puerto Rico

Happy 2017 Friends!

As the year unfolds, my mission is to get more involved in helping those in need particularly children.  One of my objectives is to partner with my home country, Puerto Rico, and provide aid to Fundación Hogar Ninito Jesús.  

Fundación Hogar Ninito Jesús is an organization that provides housing to children victims of abuse from ages  0-7 years old.   They offer these children the basic aids necessary for their healthy growth,  and provide a home environment where love, security, trust, good treatment and moral training. Every year,  they remodel the children’s bedroom to make sure they have everything they need and the feel just like home.  Check them out:  http://fhnj.org/

Currently,  they are in urgent need of the following:

  •  8 dresses for girls
  •  full set of bed sheets (preferably matching)

They are always in need of:

  • moisterizing lotions (Cetaphil)
  • baby cologne
  • baby diapers
  • hair nets for cooks in the kitchen
  • Desitin or buttpaste
  • girls underwear for ages 4-7
  • boys underwear for ages 4-7
  • laundry detergent
  • cleaning detergent
  • paper towel and toilet paper
  • plastic boxes for storage

If you are in Puerto Rico or United States and interested in donating for this amazing cause and these children please email me at:  Lorenagomez07@gmail.com or contact Ana Ivette  at:

(787) 748-5682 (oficina)
(787) 748-5633 (oficina)
(787) 206-2322 (cellular)

Remember, It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. -Mother Theresa

Bless you all!


La Isla del Encanto


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Puerto Rico has the longest Christmas vacations of the entire world.  The Christmas season in the island starts after Thanksgiving and it ends with the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian Carnival in mid January.  (http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/san-sebastian-street-festival/ ) Puerto Rico  is definitely my destination for Christmas.  Not only I have my family and friends there, but its paradise.

For the last couple of months there has been negative news about my beautiful island on a daily basis.  From a billion dollar debt to signature companies like Medalla (http://www.medallalight.com/) closing their factories in Puerto Rico and moving to the Dominican Republic because of the financial crisis in the island.   This is not the Puerto Rico I grew up in nor the Puerto Rico I want the future generations to witness.

That is why I’m promoting my island with pride and giving you reasons why to visit my beautiful island, and witness where I am from.

Just 3,515 miles long, my little island has plenty to do, from waterfalls, sandy beaches, to amazing signature cuisines.  This year I had the opportunity to do some domestic tourism and visit these places which I highly recommend:

1.  Casa de Muerto Island Reserve, with Island Venture tours

2. Playa Vacia Talega

3.  Playa Jobos-  Please contact Burger: @burgerena best tour guide in town, and I am happy to call him my friend.  He will take you surfing, sight seeing, hiking, delicious cheap restaurants, and lodging accommodations.

4. Mar Chiquita Manati Tide Pools

5. La Placita in Santurce-  Best night life in San Juan.  Here you will find cheap drink deals, delicious cuisines, and life music.

6. Crashboat, Aguadilla- Go Pier jumping

7.  Tropical Treehouse- Literally you stay in a treehouse in the middle of the jungle.  It’s wild, beautiful, and sexy.

See you back in Christmas time, my isla bonita.  #PuertoRicolohacemejor